When Death Occurs


Losing a loved one is very distressing – this almost goes without saying. But despite the emotional strain, there are still practical matters that you must address. Organising a funeral and contacting different organisations simply adds unwanted stress during your time of mourning.

At Selwyn Allen Funerals, we understand the struggle, shock, and grief associated with the passing of a loved one. We want to provide you with help to guide you through this difficult time and assist you every step of the way.

So, what happens next?

When someone dies, a doctor must sign a Certificate of Cause of Death for funeral arrangements to begin. When death occurs at home, the family doctor should be contacted immediately. In hospitals and care homes, staff will take care of medical formalities on your behalf.

In certain circumstances, such as when the death was not the result of natural causes or occurred during a medical procedure, a coroner may become involved.

If you need, Selwyn Allen Funerals can also help you organise the issue of a death certificate.

The funeral or memorial service

While the first step in obtaining the Doctor’s Certificate is relatively straightforward, arranging a funeral while you are grieving can be far more challenging.

This is when the help of an Australian Funeral Directors Association (AFDA) is vital. Selwyn Allen Funerals are experienced funeral directors and are specialists in guiding you and your family through the necessary steps. We will make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible, with as little stress for you as possible. And we understand if you have never organised a funeral before, the number of considerations is overwhelming.

Selwyn Allen Funerals will take care of all logistical issues. From transportation of the deceased to booking the funeral venue and organising the burial or cremation, we can make the necessary arrangements. We can take on as much or as little of the load as you need.

We look after the people and families under our care and want to make sure the funerals are performed to all family specifications. You will make decisions about things like the coffin selection, flowers, music, eulogies, and make arrangements. Be sure to let us know of any specific religious requirements.

Who do I notify?

Grieving is the most natural reaction to the death of a loved one, and it is important to realise this. Adjusting to your new circumstances can take time. Counsellors can assist people who are grieving, so be sure to seek out the help you need during this most difficult of times.

At every step of the way, Selwyn Allen Funerals will be there to guide and advise. We are available around the clock, so no matter what time of the day or night you call, there will be someone on the other end of the line to help.