Let us assist with a complex process during a time of mourning

Selwyn Allen Funerals

When someone passes away overseas, the family has to arrange for the body to be returned to Australia.

Alternatively, a person who has passed away in Australia may have expressed a wish to be farewelled or buried elsewhere; perhaps at their place of birth in another country.

Both scenarios involve repatriation, a complex process where the deceased is transferred from one country to another or interstate within Australia.

Experience Counts

Selwyn Allen has extensive experience in helping families organise repatriations, liaising with relevant authorities and complying with all state, national and international laws.

There are various requirements – from arranging an embalming certificate and appropriate travel documents to ensuring a body is transported according to International Air Transport Association (IATA) regulations.

Should cremation be preferred, we can also help you make the proper arrangements to ensure an urn containing ashes can successfully clear Customs in another country.

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